Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meet the Famous Dolphins of Monkey Mia - Self Drive Tour

Shark Bay is testimony to the wonders of the natural world. So significent is its natural beauty that it earned a prestigious World Heritage listing in 1991.

Shark Bay is well known for its beaches, turquoise waters and rust-red sand dunes. It is also renowned for its marine life, in particular the dolphins at Monkey Mia, where these amazing dolphins swim in the shallows of the beach where they come to be fed. Their visits to the beach are extremely reliable with an attendance record of 99.6%.

Four adult females dolphins and their offspring are fed up to 3 times daily (between 8am and 1pm). Be part of this amazing experience and stay at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort just metres from the beach and spend time exploring what makes Shark Bay so special.

Accommodation choices suit families or couples - self-contained or motel style, from $222 per night (based on Garden Villa 1-3 persons). For more information contact Best Of The Kimberley on Freecall 1800 450 840.

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